Start Your Own Independent Insurance Agency

Welcome to AgencyStart! If you have ever had a dream of owning your own business you have come to the right place.

The independent insurance agency system is a unique opportunity for a motivated entrepreneur. And right now is a great time to buy or start your own independent insurance agency.

Insurance agents not only make a comfortable income, they provide an important service to the public. Agency owners are community leaders and a critical resource when their clients suffer a loss.

We believe that owning your own independent insurance agency provides unparalleled opportunities in many ways.

Financial stability: Unlike most businesses, the products sold in an insurance agency are renewable annually. With solid client retention strategies, a reliable income stream can be built. As new clients are added, the income of the agency continues to grow, providing you with an attractive, reliable cash flow.

Retirement income: As an agency grows it not only provides current income but also becomes a valuable asset that can then be sold to fund a dream lifestyle when you are ready to retire.

Flexibility: Often cited as a key benefit by agency owners, the flexibility to set your own work hours allows you to better balance your work and personal life. You can attend your kids' soccer games or other events. You can establish a schedule that works for you instead of being trapped in someone else’s demands.

Leadership: It’s no surprise to see so many independent insurance agents in leadership positions in their communities. Running an agency sharpens your leadership skills and strengthens your ties to other leaders in your town. Agents are naturally sought out as key influencers and well respected business owners.

Trusted Adviser: One of the most fulfilling aspects of agency ownership is your relationship with your clients as a trusted adviser. You are viewed as an expert and your knowledge is considered a valuable asset.

Nearly unlimited income potential: As a business owner, the success of your agency is in your hands. An independent insurance agency has the potential to grow as large as you would like, remaining private or becoming a publicly held company with revenues of $25,000,000 or more.

Whether you want to buy an existing agency or start your own agency from scratch, AgencyStart can help! Our exclusive programs provide training and resources not available anywhere else covering all aspects of insurance agency ownership.

With AgencyStart you can be on the fast track to your first million in premium! We help you generate income faster so your agency becomes profitable as quickly as possible – months or even years faster than agents who go it alone.
You can read more about the AgencyStart Ownership Academy here.

Over half of new businesses go out of business within five years. Many others struggle to stay afloat. Learning how to run a business by trial and error can be done, but it is expensive and time consuming. Wouldn't you rather shorten your time and smooth your path to profitability?

Take the first step today toward starting your own independent insurance agency!

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